Christmas Special

It's Christmas eve, and I wanted to write stuff, but I'm having troubles with inspiration for poems at the moment (while I'm trying to write some), so I read some by other people. I read this poem, and really liked it... so you all get to read it now. I don't know anything about the guy who wrote it cept his alias is 'Kingfisher'. I modified one part, where there were lyrics to a song, but I replaced them with lyrics to a different song. here it is, it's neat:

Since the pants I'm currently wearing ate my inspiration,) Did not (I'll let them talk. My
comments are in parenthesis):

I am these blue pants
With the messed up fly
And the misaligned up creases.
(He's kidding about the fly)

My owner is scared of too much.
I often need to take control (HA!)
But I don't do it too often.
(That's because I rarely wear you.)

True, and more's the pity.
His walls might not tumble,
I show him how to jump. (Sometimes literally)

My owner knows little about me
(He just showed up in my closet one day)
But I know all about him, his fears, his dreams.
He might not believe what he's learned,
But I know what he must do.
(And that is?)

He must act out of stupidity (oh?)
Reach for what he believes he does not want.
Pull down the moon, scatter the stars,
Reach for all those spiritual candy bars

(...It's obvious you're searching for a rhyme.)
I know. Do you have a better line?
(How about, 'Jump for joy, land on Mars'?)
Now who's searching?
(You're the one in control)
You're certainly typing a lot for someone not in control.
(It's frikkin 2:26 in the morning. What do you expect?)
I can tell time, you know.
It doesn't matter. Let's get back to the poem.
(Oh yeah the poem.)
Do you have a line yet?
(How about, 'Live for a while, no matter how dark'?)

Live for a while, no matter how dark.

As long as I am worn, he'll never be naked (hehehe)
Though I might agree to be taken off in the right circumstances...
(lol. That's not part of the poem.)
It is now.
(Oh really?)2
Yes. Continuing...

I blast away his invisible box(ers),
Inverting shame into acceptance (oh yeah),
With a song ("Play that funky music...") of the heart (" pants!")
Would you just shut up?
(If I get to sing a song.)
Fine, go ahead.

Just start singing.
("Well she was just seventeen and you know what I mean
And the way she looked was way beyond compare
So how could I dance with another oh,
when I saw her standing there

Well she looked at me and I, I could see
That before too long I'd fall in love with her
She wouldn't dance with another
Oh, when I saw her standing there

Well my heart went boom when I crossed that room
and I held her hand in mine

Well we danced through the night
and we held each other tight
And before too long I fell in love with her
Now I'll never dance with another
Oh, since I saw her standing there

Since I saw her standing there
Yeah, Well since I saw her standing there")

Cool. Now can I finish the poem?
(No. I'm taking a shower and going to bed.)
I apologize for my owner's behavior. I'm going to find one with a better fit soon.
(Sure you will. By the way, can anyone figure out what group sang that song? Later)

This is Blue Pants, signing out.

alright, that was it. yeah, not as good as it should've been. oh well. I wish I was as witty
and innovative as that Kingfisher guy... Ohyeah, for those of you who don't know, that song was
in fact by the Beatles. anyway, I'm gonna go try and be cool and write neat stuff too. And then I'm gonna open presents.


inspirationally challenged,
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big pins

It's so early right now. I am kind of PO-ed at myself cause I missed my chem and calc classes yesterday cause I was stupid and turned my alarm clock off in the morning. Fortunately Shay is in both those classes and he got all the notes for me, so I don't have any real worries. I hate chem lab. My one worst enemy is chem lab. It is the bane of my existence. Skateboarding on the other hand is super duper cool. Everyone is gone gone away to college now. That's crazy. I sent Nate his letter, I hope he gets it. I am learning more japanese so that I stay in practice, I have to teach myself kanji and other stuff. I have to wear this big pin now that says 'I ZTA' because some people in my pledge class are retarded and can't remember their pins. Well, they're not retarded, cause I'm pretty retarded too cause I forgot to lower the flag last night which cost us house chore points, but yeah... I guess I'll go check out the whole flag deal, cause I don't want to get more chores. I need to get more cds. Must get more cds.... need new music... time to go make breakfast.
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tired from skateboarding

Wow pledging is really hard. Right now the guys are telling me that the first three weeks are the easiest. That's definitely not reassuring, but at least they're honest. We have to make a fundraiser.. we're probably gonna auction ourselves off, like, being slaves to sorority girls for a day. I got a new nickname at my frat. Here are all the names they call me:
Adrian - Cause it's my name.
Emo - Cause it was on my hat. (till i lost my hat)
Val - Cause they think I look like Val Kilmer
Hobo - Cause I was really out of it and made a bed out of newspapers under a bench outside, and made a pillow out of two 40s wrapped in newspapers. Eh, it was comfortable enough for a while..

Yeah, so I think I know who I want to be my big brother in Pi Kapps.
I wrote Nate a letter, it was a very good letter too. Then I was walking around from class to class, and it was in my binder in my hand, and by the end of the day it was no longer there, which means that it must've fallen out and some lucky soul has a groin-grabbingly good letter. At least the return address was on it so they can return it to me if they want.

anyway, i have to go study calculus so that i can tutor some girl later.

ato de
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done with first fraternity meeting

Howdy y'all. I don't remember when I last posted. It could be years ago. Years meaning days, of course. So I decided to go greek. It's so fun. I was afraid about going greek at first because I didn't want to be a part of anything that was just about drinking and partying and sports and stuff I don't like, but the fraternity I'm pledging to is a lot nicer than that shit. I'm pledging Pi Kappa Phi, and it's great. I've been attending the events and enjoying myself and getting my work done. I'll post some more details later. I have a lot to do anyhow, and I haven't eaten anything yet today. I really need to do some shopping, I need to buy some good pants. Good clothes. Exciting stuff. I need to get my stock option info. Anyway, I am going to go eat.
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I learned how to make a subject!

Hey hey hey. Adrian here with the latest news! I am using my Superman stationary to write people letters. Mainly people who I don't see online all the time, cause I don't have much news to tell people that I talk to all the time. Lessee. I got bid on by Delta Psi Delta, which basically means I can join that fraternity if I so desired. The only one I would want to join though is Pi Kappa Phi, which I got invited to an invitational BBQ tonight at. I have to wear a dressy shirt and dressy pants and a tie. Oi. I don't have dressy clothes up here. Feh. I went to a Pi Kappa Phi get together thing last night and there were strippers. I'd never seen strippers before. I stayed back and watched, instead of having them rub their breasts and stuff all over me. They smelled really good. Like, right when they came into the room full of sweaty horny guys, it smelled good. I think I was concentrating so hard on everything that I didn't even pop a boner. Weird. I wrote a song and a poem. I am gonna record more stuff, and send Nora a tape. Ahh Nora.. anyway, I have to take a shower before Calc. I had a chem exam today and I think I got an A. Yay. I think it's funny that Helen is having a hard time at college with the school part of it (sorry Helen). She's probably just complaining even though she'll ace all her classes anyway, it always happens like that. Well, I must go be special now. Special like a fox!
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(no subject)

Arg lots has happened since i last updated. I went home for the labor day weekend and did a lot. I went to see the American Steel show with Julia and Nate and Jon and Julia's friend Torey. It was really good except for the other bands that played. There was a drunk guy that I am going to write a song about if I ever get around to it. He was awesome. He strung together random words that didn't make sense, like 'Take it like I want it!' and 'Give it to me taking free make me go!' Yeah. that guy is my favorite drunk guy. Lessee.. Then I hung out with all my other friends the next day, after getting like 30 nintendo games and a super nintendo. We played patrick's bomberman game. it was fun.

Then the next day i tried to find Nora. I had actually tried to get a hold of her the other two days, but she is a busy girl. I finally got a hold of her and went to this party with some presbityrian people and it was weird. But she was there and she was happy and I was happy. I played some songs for her and we talked and we went to her friends house. I met her ex-boyfriend and he was weird and took a picture of me. Oi. I don't get to see her again until November probably. Feh. Stupid suck suck poop.

So anyway i got back and i didn't really do anything the day i got back. Then last night I went to the Suicidal Tendencies show. I didn't really like the music too much, but the band had so much energy it was just fun to be there. I got massacred in the pit and can't really walk now and my head was bloody. I was so intrigued by this one guy there. He was a skinhead guy, and he was wearing a shirt that said 'Hail Hail the Gang's all here'. I was scared of him, and when he went in the pit he headbutted people and just regulated, and nothing could even move him, but then if someone fell he made sure to help them up and make sure they were ok. I couldn't tell what my opinion on him was, cause he was violent and angry and skinhead, but when it came down to it he seemed to be watching out for everyone else at the show. Weird. Then I got a ride home and slept, and today i couldn't walk because my legs hurt too much. THERE ALL DONE!
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(no subject)

emo. i think i ate too much yesterday. I am getting really fat. really really really fat. i have hotdog rolls. mm mmm mm. hotdogs. damn meat. I haven't eaten meat since late july. i think it's kind of neat. i feel a lot healthier. like, even though i look fat to me,i feel really really healthy. I just got back from skateboarding class and i felt really dirty and i was gonna shower, but now i'm dry, and don't feel like showering before calc. i'll just change shirts and everything will be ok. I learned how to skateboard in a halfpipe today, and I fell down a lot. nobody is onlin efor me to talk to. it makes me sad. emo.
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(no subject)

YES!! MY your MOTher CD Arririivveed!! All my mail arrived in fact, which was a total of two letters. One letter being the CD, and the other letter being $5 from some kid buying a Choji Moji CD. Thats crazy... why the hell would anyone who's heard choji moji lactually buy the cd>? oh well. whatever floats your boat i guess. I made a song about a pedophile named steve and another one about older girls buying beer for me. tongiht people want me to play music for them, so i will oblige. uh.. i talked to julia and chris last night. ohyeah. news of the day: PEOPLE WHO RIDE RAZORS AROUND CAMPUS ARE LAMERS. fuck razors dude. they look so....soo.... demeaning. anyway, i'm gonna go do some work so i can go watch a preacher preach tonight
yeah!! peace
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(no subject)

stupid mail didn't come today. they didn;t have keys to our mailboxes so they didn't deliver it. what the fuck happened to 'the mail must come through'|?! FUCK the pony express!! damn butt rumpers. i wanted my damn cd.
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(no subject)

oops. i clicked post early. well now my autodececting music will be different. spifferiffic. Nora got IM to talk to me@!! yeah!! ROCK! mail is supposed to come today... i finally get my Your Mother CD. GROK! lessee... what else interesting is going on.. . hmm i wrote another song. i'm just pumping these out. i hope i get my stock option papers soon so i can file for stock options. arr. tis a good day. i'm eating a burrito and i'm gonna do homework soon. peace.
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