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YES!! MY your MOTher CD Arririivveed!! All my mail arrived in fact, which was a total of two letters. One letter being the CD, and the other letter being $5 from some kid buying a Choji Moji CD. Thats crazy... why the hell would anyone who's heard choji moji lactually buy the cd>? oh well. whatever floats your boat i guess. I made a song about a pedophile named steve and another one about older girls buying beer for me. tongiht people want me to play music for them, so i will oblige. uh.. i talked to julia and chris last night. ohyeah. news of the day: PEOPLE WHO RIDE RAZORS AROUND CAMPUS ARE LAMERS. fuck razors dude. they look so....soo.... demeaning. anyway, i'm gonna go do some work so i can go watch a preacher preach tonight
yeah!! peace
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